The Alliance of Black Businesswomen & Entrepreneurs Minority (ABBE) is a support group for the advancement of Black women entrepreneurs. ABBE requested a brand refresh; a new mark, story, and positioning. Other needs include an online survey campaign to secure vital data to aid in regional support and a regional awareness campaign to announce an empowerment event.


Trends research and insights from stakeholders revealed the mindset of an entrepreneur. Uncovering inherent pain points and aspirations helped craft a story that connects with the aspiring women. From that, we developed a bold yet inherently feminine mark to embody the power and solidarity that ABBE stands for. The campaign conveys individual growth and the vision for betterment in all areas of their life.


CTR (Click Through Rate)


Industry Standard 1%-3%

Form Submission Rate


Industry Standard 2%-5%

Location: Greater Cincinnati

About Vertical Prophet Technologies

Vertical Prophet Technologies (VPT) is a minority-owned digital innovation firm based in Cincinnati. Our difference is to best-in-class innovation and automation, creating an efficient and straight-line connection to users.

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