Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame (CBMWF) recognizes the music created by those with Hamilton County and Southeastern Ohio roots. The interactive walk celebrates the power of music, the artists, and the creative reach of the region. CBMWF requested a brand creation; a new mark, story, and positioning. Other needs include website, SEO, and management.


Our research helped develop a strategy around making greatness obtainable for everyone. By spotlighting the stars we honor, we reveal an intimate, and inspiring connection that gives you behind-the-scenes access to musical greatness. Bold coloration and an affirmational tonality, encourage viewers to carry the torch by walking the path to their dreams.


Organic Search CTR


Industry Standard 3%-5%

Organic Users Increase


Industry Standard 10%-20%

Location: Greater Cincinnati

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Vertical Prophet Technologies (VPT) is a minority-owned digital innovation firm based in Cincinnati. Our difference is to best-in-class innovation and automation, creating an efficient and straight-line connection to users.

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