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Creamalicious Artisan Ice Cream takes the flavors of indulgent southern desserts and infuses them into ice cream. We created a story rooted in southern heritage and generational recipes. Warm welcomes, grandma's kitchen, cast iron skillets, and family get togethers create an inviting soiree experience around family and enabling dreams.


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Alliance of Black Businesswomen & Entrepreneurs is a minority businesswomen’s support group. They needed to develop a brand story that resonated with their want to be an advocate for Black women entrepreneurs. We developed a bold yet inherently feminine story around the process of growth as an business owner. The visual story is supported by assets that show progression, unity while embodying power and solidarity. Our online campaign successfully engaged and registered hundreds of new members who connected with their story and they supplied vital data and input around the obstacles faced by the black woman entrepreneur.

Latitude 26

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Mike's Frozen Chillers needed an image update from their current "mom & pop" brand. As they plan to expand nationally, they wanted a premium presence that matched their high-end flavor profiles. We created the Latitude 26 brand as a potent flavorful line of mixers that transports you to a place of fun and relaxation. We developed a story around product origin and your final destination. The iconic compass serves as your guide as it points you to our cabana in the Florida sun. Latitude 26, we put delicious on the map.

Sexxy Plus

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Luxury lingerie e-commence retailer seeks to connect with plus-size women who crave the look and fit of high-end lingerie. Our narrative centers around the beauty of the curve and the inner confidence derived from flattering styles and luxurious fabrics. Enhancing beauty from within. Lingerie can elevate and empower plus-sized women to live life to its sexiest. It's about grasping the moment for her and only her. The curves you crave.

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